We are just a bunch of students, a mixture of sophomore, juniors and seniors attending Western Oregon University (WOU) that recognized the need for greater interaction.

  • Student to Student
  • Student to Professors
  • Student to Learning Resources (Information Overload!)

With support from the WOU Computer Science Department and the core group of students involved in starting the Byte Club, we were successfully started and recognized by ASWOU in September 2012.


Our overall goals are to open and foster communications, and assist students in being as successful as they can by providing opportunities for learning beyond the classroom.

  • Industry Talks – industry CS/IS personnel and past WOU alumni presentations
  • Mentoring/Tutoring – opportunities to work in group and one on one settings
  • Plant Tours – physical offsite tours of businesses related to the CS/IT professions
  • Hands On – projects of technological nature i.e., RasberryPi, Robotics, Demos
  • Communications – share current WOU CS/IS information, industry related conferences or groups


We welcome all Western Oregon University students, past alumni and professors to become involved in creating confident and successful computer science students.

To be a member of the official Byte Club there are some restrictions/conditions:

  • Membership is open to all students’ enrolled at WOU
  • Is free from discrimination
  • Members must attend at least 1 meeting a term or 3 of the last 5 meetings
  • Renewed on a yearly basis


  • Want To Make A Difference?
  • Want To Help Innovate & Share Ideas?
  • Want To Learn Even More?

FAST FORWARD – Do you see yourself confident and prepared to step out the doors of the university and into the fresh new world of technology? Are you ready to get started in the job search process and begin your career in computer science or information systems?

Yes? | No?

Either way, your involvement in the Byte Club will be beneficial both for you and for the other students involved. The Byte Club strives for a very open and interactive, relaxed, yet energetic dynamic. Where everyone has something to learn, and as long as they are open and participate there is a great world of information waiting to be shared and consumed.


Byte Club Bingo -- Fundraiser Time 20:0 22:0
Byte Club BINGO! Join Us for Friends (new and old), Fun and Food! Support our club in it's fundraising events in order to fund for events, workshops and projects.
THURSDAY, MAY 22nd @ 8:00pm - 10:00pm


Byte Club May Meeting Time 14:0 15:0
Byte Club May Meeting WEDNESDAY, MAY 7th @ 2:00pm ITC 3rd Floor. We will hold two meetings during the month of April. Friday, April 4th and then again on Wednesday, April 9th. You need only attend one meeting as the same topics will be covered in both meetings.
WEDNESDAY, MAY 7th @ 2:00pm ITC 3rd Floor


Byte Club May Meeting Time 13:30 14:30
Byte Club May Meeting FRIDAY, MAY 9th @ 1:30pm ITC 3rd Floor. We will hold two meetings during the month of May. You need only to attend one of the meetings as the same topics will be discussed at both meetings.
FRIDAY, MAY 9th @ 1:30pm ITC 3rd Floor